Current Obsessions: Vol. 6

Current Obsessions: Vol. 6

Ok, so I know I just went on and on about how I’m letting go of things…..but there are some really cool beauty products hitting counters.  In the event your resolution was to amass more eyeshadow and mascara, this post is for you.

Current Obsessions by beautyluxelife


1. NARS Dual-Intensity Eyeshadow Palette ($79).  I bought a single eyeshadow in the formula in Himalia and was so impressed with the pigmentation and texture.  Himalia is the color shown in the top row of the palette (second from left) and it’s a really pretty light pewter color that’s not too gray or too gold.  When I saw peeks of this palette on Instagram a few weeks ago, I got super excited because having eight shades for less than $10 each is a great deal.  Yes, you get less product than if each eyeshadow were bought separately, but I rarely finish my eyeshadows anyway.  I’m so excited for this, and recommend this product because the formula is quite unique and the value is excellent.

2. Tom Ford Lips and Boys Lipstick ($32).  Full-sized Tom Ford lipsticks are $50 each! I love luxury beauty products, but I draw the line here, so I resigned myself to never own a Tom Ford lipstick (a tragedy, I know).  But then I heard about the slightly smaller collection, Lips and Boys, with lipsticks for a mere $32 each.  Still very expensive, but now much more within my reach.  I really want to buy one (or three).

3. Urban Decay Mascara Resurrection ($16).  This is one of the most interesting products that I’ve heard about in a while.  It’s basically a mascara refresher that goes on clear and promises to revitalize dry, clumped mascara.  You can use this to freshen mascara during the day, or to fix mistakes and the best part is that you’re supposed to be able to apply more mascara on top of it.  This just might be a game changer, perfect for keeping in your makeup bag or for fixing mascara gone wrong at home.

4. Aesop Elemental Facial Barrier Cream ($60).  Even though winter in the Bay Area is not nearly as harsh as in other areas, the cooler weather and indoor heating make my skin feel super dry.  I am a fan of Aesop products because they are natural and effective.  This heavy-duty moisturizer sounds so tempting because it’s meant for dry or sensitive skin (soothing and moisturizing).

5. Chanel Beaute Les 4 Ombres ($61).  I’ve mentioned this Chanel formula before and even created a look featuring this eyeshadow in another color (found here), so it should be no surprise that I’m super excited about these two new releases.  I am a sucker for pink eyeshadow, so I love that both quads feature the color.  Tisse Paris is cooler toned with the charcoal and taupe while Tisse Fantaisie is warmer toned with the burgundy and green.  Both look gorgeous.

I’m always looking for things to add to my wishlist.  Leave your recommendations in the comments!