NARS Wanted Palette | #PerfectPalettes

NARS Wanted Palette | #PerfectPalettes

I bought the NARS Wanted Palette as soon as it was released on the Sephora app on Cyber Monday. And as per usual, I let it sit on my vanity for about a week before I dared play with it. I do this with really pretty eyeshadow palettes sometimes. I’ll wait to use them until I have a “special occasion” to break them out. But the problem is that I hardly ever have any “special occasions” so sometimes I let things sit for way too long.

Eventually I played around with the Wanted Palette, mainly using the neutral shimmery shades. I loved the red and coppery shades, too, but it wasn’t until one of my favorite makeup artists on Instagram (Katie Jane Hughes) used the NARS Wanted Palette on herself that I was inspired to finally try them out.

For this makeup look, I applied three shades only on the outer half of my eyes. I never would have thought to leave the inner part of my eye totally blank (thinking that my makeup would look amateurish or just weird), but I think it works with my eye shape. I actually kinda like the “undone” aspect of my makeup, and I felt very cool with this makeup look 😏

Here’s a closer look at the NARS Wanted Palette, and of course I have some swatches…

Swatches of the NARS Wanted Palette (L to R): Biarritz, Satisfaction, Delirium, Temptress, Seven Heaven, Shadow Hill, Mendoza, Wicked Game, Shooting Star, La La, Fallen Star and Coconut Grove.

On my eyes, I first used Shadow Hill in my outer crease, and then I lightly patted Mendoza onto the outer third for the sparkly red/copper shade. Then I used just a tiny bit of the matte red Temptress to add depth and drama. It was actually pretty simple and I think it’s interesting and colorful but not too over the top (I wore my makeup like this to work).

For my base, I’ve been wearing the Anastasia Beverly Hills Stick Foundation in Amber pretty much non-stop. The color is the perfect match for me, it wears nicely all day and it’s super easy to apply. I feel like this is a super underrated product, but I don’t know why! If you’ve tried it, I’d love to hear your thoughts.

On my cheeks, I’m wearing a couple of staple products – Stila Convertible Color in Camelia + Pinch of Colour Honey Balm. I feel like this combo is super pretty and natural looking. The cream products are really forgiving on my drier than normal skin and they’re quick to apply in the morning.

On my lips, I’m wearing Urban Decay lipstick in Enigma. This was a limited edition lipstick that was released as part of the Urban Decay x Basquiat Collection (reviewed here), but I’m pretty sure I found a dupe as part of ColourPop’s new Lux lipstick collection. I’m writing this post in the airport on my way to NYC, so unfortunately I don’t have all my children lipsticks with me. I’ll be posting swatches of the new ColourPop lipsticks soon though and I’ll list any dupes in that post.

I know that at first glance this looks like another neutral eyeshadow palette, and, well, it is.  But there are pops of interesting colors, whether it’s a metallic/glittery copper or a shimmery green, that make it special.  I also think the formula is great and very easy to use.  I definitely don’t regret buying this, and think it’s a great travel palette because it’s sturdy and has a nice sized mirror.

Have you checked out the Wanted Palette? Let me know what you think in the comments.