APL Rose Gold Sneakers | Most Adored Vol. 7

APL Rose Gold Sneakers | Most Adored Vol. 7

You may have noticed that I’m a shoe person.  Shoes are most definitely my favorite things to buy, and now that I’m working out damn near every day, I feel like I need more sneakers.  I’ve been stalking these APL rose gold sneakers (they’re technically called the TechLoom Phantom running shoes) for a minute but I haven’t pulled the trigger (yet).

apl rose gold sneakers. adiaadores.com

As much as I workout, I never really buy expensive workout clothes or shoes.  These shoes are $165 and even though I’d wear them pretty regularly, it feels too expensive.  Am I being cheap? How much do you usually spend on workout stuff?

Let me know what you think.  You can get these APL rose gold sneakers at Athletic Propulsion Labs.

  • ChynnaBlue

    Depending on what kind of workout you do, you may have to replace your shoes as often as every 3 months (http://www.aapsm.org/replace_shoes.html). I try to spend under $100 and shoot for $65-85 with sales.

    • Oooh, that’s super helpful; thanks for sharing! I definitely don’t replace my shoes that often, and I work out almost daily (more strength training and HIIT than running though).

  • Simone Gamboa

    165 for sneakers is a bit high…. especially if you wear them out easily… i personally would keep that money to put towards a sexier pair of shoes- with a heel lol

    • Lol I hear you! Sadly, I wear sneakers more than heels 😂😂